Business contacts to China: Mail charges CDU politician Hauptmann

The ex-CDU member Mark Hauptmann in the Bundestag

The ex-CDU member Mark Hauptmann in the Bundestag

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He is the third Union MP in a week to end his political career: After Nikolas Löbel (CDU, enrichment in the Corona crisis), CDU politician Mark Hauptmann is now also giving up his mandate. In addition, Georg Nüßlein (CSU) has resigned from the parliamentary group.

Hauptmann, 36, a backbencher from southern Thuringia, justified the move in “Welt” on Thursday with the pressure that was on his family: “The hostility towards me has become too great.” This “hostility” that Hauptmann is talking about , are based primarily on research by the “Spiegel”.

According to the magazine, the dictatorship of Azerbaijan as well as Taiwan and Vietnam are said to have placed advertisements in a newspaper published by Hauptmann for years. The politician had made positive comments about the authoritarian regime in Azerbaijan in the past. It’s about payments of tens of thousands of euros each – and the suspicion that Hauptmann could be bribed.

Hauptmann denies all allegations and claimed in “Spiegel”: He “never represented the interests of Azerbaijan, Vietnam or Taiwan”. But research by shows a different picture.

Hauptmann promoted supply chains to Vietnam, Taiwan and China with health companies

On April 22, 2020 at 10:09 p.m., an email lands in the mailbox of a health care company operating across Germany. The sender is Mark Hauptmann.

The CDU politician sends the mail from his Bundestag address. Obviously, it’s not just about politics, but also about business. He got contact with the health care company from the same intermediary as his party colleague Löbel, who earned 288,000 euros last year by brokering corona protective masks.

In his e-mail, Hauptmann writes that as a member of the Bundestag’s economic committee, he deals with “building reliable supply chains”. And puts in brackets: “China, Vietnam, Taiwan”. He coordinates closely with Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and his ministry, Hauptmann continues. He does not make specific suggestions to the company, but would like feedback.

The group does not answer. But from the mail it becomes clear: Hauptmann did campaign for the interests of countries that placed advertisements for money in his newspaper.

Why did Hauptmann found a GmbH for import and export trade?

Also dubious: just under three months after sending his email to the company, Hauptmann founds a corporation, Hauptmann Global Consulting GmbH. On September 2, the CDU politician registers his company with the commercial register, he is the sole managing director. Purpose of the company: “Management consulting, global import and export trade at home and abroad”.

Coincidence – or did Hauptmann like Löbel take part in the pandemic? On Thursday, Hauptmann did not respond to a corresponding question from He leaves questions about his email and his offer to talk to the health company last April just as unanswered as questions about his connections to Taiwan and Vietnam.

In his conversation with Die Welt, however, Hauptmann denies having received any money for arranging corona masks. “No, I helped but didn’t get a commission,” he claimed. He only referred a mask supplier from Frankfurt am Main to two crisis teams in his constituency during the peak of the pandemic. He also never brokered masks or medical material from or to Azerbaijan or from or to another country.

What does he say about his supply chain plans to Vietnam, Taiwan and China? His allegedly good contacts with Minister Spahn? He doesn’t reveal anything about that.


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