Business split popular | Crypto coins stolen more often | Stricter corona rules abroad

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There seems to be a hype: The American stock market icon General Electric is cutting itself in three, Ahold brings to the stock exchange and investors want Shell to divide itself in two. But why are companies splitting themselves up?

Crypto wallets from which tens of thousands of euros have suddenly disappeared. It is also increasingly common in the Netherlands. We spoke to several victims, who saw tens of thousands of euros worth of cryptocurrencies disappear from their digital wallets before their very eyes.

Winter has really set in now. Outside it will be a maximum of six degrees, but looking for the warmth and tanning is no longer possible. As of today, Fit For Free customers can no longer use the sunbeds. The fitness chain is thus responding to a call from dermatologists and skin cancer patients.

Do you remember when you thought you could go skiing again this year without any worries? Think again. Austria is going into a nationwide lockdown today, Slovakia is introducing a lockdown for unvaccinated and the Czech Republic is banning unvaccinated from the restaurant. Greece also imposes restrictions on unvaccinated people.

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This piece was the most shared this weekend: At the Spanish SEAT it becomes lonely eating for the unvaccinated. The company wants them to sit in a corner, isolated from the rest.

We think you should also read this: Once a month, Marinus and his colleagues drive a truck full of fish throughout Europe to provide the Japanese with delicacies. Now he wants to make Dutch people especially enthusiastic about Japanese cuisine.

And this you may have missed this weekend: Now that the catering industry has to close early again and many entrepreneurs are dependent on delivery, the demand for boxes has exploded. Anyone who still wants to order custom boxes is the proverbial goat.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

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PS The Dutch are switching en masse to solar panels, electric cars and heat pumps. But can the power grid handle that? In many places the electricity grid is already full.

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