Buy the cheapest Airpods 3 at Amazon & Co.

The third generation of Airpods is currently cheaper to get hold of. Here is the biggest discount.

The third generation of the Airpods 3 costs 199 euros directly from Apple. Bargains can currently get the Bluetooth headphones cheaper from various providers. Especially at Amazon and AfB-Shop there are currently good offers.

These are currently the best prices:

Buy Airpods 3 for only 167.90 euros at AfB-Shop

Buy Airpods 3 for only 168.99 euros from Amazon

Buy Airpods 3 for only 170 euros at Lidl

Buy Airpods 3 for only 171.00 euros from Otto

Buy Airpods 3 for only 173.00 euros at Cyberport

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The Airpods 3 are even better than the Airpods Pro in some respects. The third generation offers a longer battery life of up to six hours (on a single charge, the Pro models only offer 4.5 hours). The charging case also supplies the headphones with more power, so the Airpods 3 last up to 30 hours, the Airpods Pro only 24 hours. However, if you value active noise suppression, you should rather use the Pro models. This feature is currently reserved for the Airpods Pro and Airpods Max.

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