Buy the Citroën Berlingo with a discount of up to 8992 euros

Before SUVs and station wagons sold variability and a lot of storage space as their strengths, vans in particular ensured that businesses and large families could get from A to B in comfort. Today there are only a few models of the once booming class, whose core competence has not changed to this day. One representative is the Citroën Berlingo, which has been in its third generation since 2018. While design and comfort were of secondary importance at the beginning of the series, the current Berlingo shows that it is a modern, almost stylish vehicle. You can also see that when you take a look at the technology. In addition to two combustion engines with six output levels, the French from Citroën will also be offering the Berlingo as an electric version from the end of 2021. There is even an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard for the most powerful petrol engine. That would have been unthinkable with the original Berlingo. The upgrade in terms of suitability for everyday use is also noticeable in the price. The prices for the French start with a short wheelbase and entry-level petrol engine at 21,690 euros. At, Berlingo fans can currently order their dream van with a discount of up to 8992 euros (As of September 12, 2021).

Citroën Berlingo with a discount of up to 8992 euros at

To get the full discount at, your own dream Berlingo should be equipped with the 131 hp PureTech130 turbo gasoline engine. The long wheelbase (XL version) and the highest equipment variant Shine are also a prerequisite for the maximum discount. With a list price of 31,440 euros, the seven-seater is really no longer a bargain, but chic 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear parking aid, a reversing camera and a head-up display sweeten the grip on the Shine model. Of course, the two-zone automatic air conditioning is also part of the basic equipment of the 131 hp Frenchman. And thanks to the offers on, the luxury version of the Berlingo also becomes a versatile vehicle with an excellent price-performance ratio in no time at all. Without extras, the offers for the Berlingo Shine PureTech130 XL start at 23,338 euros, almost 26 percent below the RRP. With a little special equipment on board, the discount can climb to the maximum value of 8,992 euros. (But be careful: the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros.)

Inexpensive compact version

In order to be able to save on the purchase of a Berlingo, you do not necessarily have to resort to the 4.75 meter long luxury model. The basic version called Live Pack with the short wheelbase and a total length of 4.40 meters offers not only a lot of space in the trunk, but also considerable savings potential. For the 110 hp three-cylinder petrol engine with manual six-speed gearbox in the short version called M, Citroën usually charges 21,690 euros. On this list price, already offers a discount of 5314 euros without any additional equipment and so the Berlingo is offered from 16,376 euros. That corresponds to a discount of around 24 percent. With this offer, too, you shouldn’t forget that the transportation costs are extra and reduce the savings a little. (Here you can find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)

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