Buy the electric Fiat 500e with a discount of up to 11,470 euros

Fiat has reinterpreted one of its icons and made it fit for the future. The fully electric version of the compact classic has been on the market under the name Fiat 500e since 2020. The 500e is available in three versions: as a classic sedan, as a convertible and as a so-called 3 + 1 with an additional, opposite-opening door on the passenger side. While the majority of the series relies on an 87 kW electric motor in combination with a 42 kWh battery, there is also an entry-level model. The 500e “Action” has to be content with 70 kW and 23.8 kWh. If you choose the weaker version, you have to get by with a range of up to 190 kilometers (combined, WLTP), the 87 kW model can do up to 321 kilometers. In return, the action convinces with a much more attractive price. Before deducting the purchase premium for electric cars, Fiat calls for a list price of at least 26,790 euros for the 500e Action; if you want more performance and range, you have to invest at least 30,990 euros. But it is also much cheaper: At, the offers for the electric Italian currently start at 17,132 euros and thus already in the base 9,658 euros below the recommended retail price (As of September 12, 2021). A maximum saving of over 11,000 euros is possible. The so-called environmental bonus is already included in this offer.

Fiat 500e with a discount of up to 11,470 euros at

The convertible version of the 500e in the highest equipment version “La Prima” offers the greatest potential for savings. For the list price of 37,990 euros, the Fiat drives up with the 87 kW electric motor and the large battery and is also convincing in terms of luxury: Comfortable artificial leather seats with Fiat monogram, an inductive charging station for the smartphone and a rear-view camera transform the iconic small car in a modern, comfortable vehicle in which you want to cover longer distances. The highlight of the convertible is and remains the convertible top and with it the chance to get a good portion of fresh air. The offers for the 500e convertible start at 27,410 euros and thus around 10,000 euros below the list price. If you book a few extras, you can secure the full discount of up to 11,470 euros compared to the RRP. The majority of the estate is made up of the environmental bonus, but for the rest you would have to fight hard at the local dealer. Since the 500e buyers are spared this act, one can cope with the fact that at the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros again. (Here you can find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)

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