Buy the electric Kia EV6 with a discount of up to 14,519 euros

Kia committed itself to Soul years ago and wants to focus more on electric mobility in the future. With the Crossover EV6, the Koreans presented the latest approach to e-mobility from Kia a few months ago. The EV6 was created on the new E-GMP electrical platform and can be charged at lightning speed thanks to 800-volt technology. Depending on the version, the battery should be 80 percent full again in 18 minutes. In order to really meet all customer needs, a total of four versions of the E-Crossover are available. While the entry-level model has an output of 125 kW and a maximum range of 394 kilometers, the 430 kW top-of-the-range all-wheel drive model aims to convince sporty pilots in particular of the advantages of e-mobility. The starting prices of the different variants are as different as the performance levels. However, you should have at least 44,990 euros for the basic EV6 ready or simply buy it from the right provider. At there is the Kia EV6 up to 14,519 euros below the list price (As of December 12, 2021). The environmental bonus is already included here.


Kia EV6

Kia EV6 with discount

The Kia EV6 is available at with a discount of up to EUR 14,519. (As of December 12, 2021)

However, there is a small catch: While Kia itself offers numerous models, currently only offers one model. This is the 125 kW basic model with a battery capacity of 58 kWh and rear-wheel drive. Since the Kia EV6 can be freely configured apart from this basic selection, the offer should still appeal to a large number of e-mobile users. Especially since even the basic equipment of the E-Crossover is impressive. In addition to a large number of assistance systems, the series includes things such as two-zone automatic air conditioning, a reversing camera, full LED headlights and a navigation system with a 12.3-inch display. The chic 19-inch wheels are also included. According to the price list, the Kia EV6 in this version costs at least 44,990 euros, at prices start at 31,466 euros. In addition to the environmental bonus that has already been taken into account, this is a discount of 4524 euros. You can currently get a maximum discount of 14,519 euros including an environmental bonus with the EV6. (Attention: The transfer costs reduce this discount by a few hundred euros).

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