Buy the new Opel Astra up to 12,952 euros below list price

There has been an iron rule in the compact class for years: there are many models, but the Golf is king. Opel’s direct competitor also had to accept this fact. But now it seems that the latest version of the Astra finally has a chance to beat the Golf. The brand new Astra L not only looks incredibly attractive and modern, the first tests also speak for themselves.
Another plus point: finally the compact car is also electrified and available as a plug-in hybrid. Then a 150 hp 1.6 liter petrol engine and an 81.2 kW electric motor ensure a system output of 180 hp. Purely electrically, a maximum electric range of up to 65 kilometers (WLTP) should be possible. If you prefer a classic look, the sixth generation of the Astra also comes with a petrol or diesel engine under the hood. For entry into the series, Opel requires at least 22,465 euros, the Astra plug-in hybrid starts at 35,800 euros according to the list. With the right provider you can save a lot at the moment. Because in addition to the high discounts at, the Internet provider’s spring campaign ensures particularly generous savings on selected models with short delivery times. Since the Astra belongs to this circle, you get the compact Opel at currently with discounts of up to 12,952 euros (As of March 17, 2022). The purchase bonus for electric cars and plug-in hybrids is already included. (Here you will find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)


Opel Astra plug-in hybrid

Opel Astra with discount

The Opel Astra is available at with a discount of up to 12,952 euros. (as of March 17, 2022)

In order to benefit from the maximum discount at, you shouldn’t just rely on the discount from the provider, you shouldn’t ignore the environmental bonus. and In the case of the Astra L, for example, the 1.6 plug-in hybrid in the Ultimate equipment variant offers the greatest savings potential. Garnished by the 180 hp system performance and standard equipment that is really impressive. To give just a glimpse: 18-inch alloy wheels, ergonomic sport-active tip, a 360-degree camera, IntelliLux matrix LED headlights, a navigation system, a head-up display and steering wheel heating are standard board. According to Opel, if you want to experience what is probably the most beautiful and comfortable side of the Astra, you have to at least 44,410 euros ready. However, the current discounts and the environment bonus help to push the purchase price down sharply. At, the prices for the lavishly equipped plug-in hybrid start at 32,353 euros. That corresponds to a discount of a whopping 12,057 euros or 27 percent.

The purchase premium for plug-in hybrids has already been taken into account. If you want to get the maximum 12,952 euros, you still have to use the few optional extras that are offered when configuring the Astra Ultimate. Of course, this also increases the purchase price (note, the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros).

Entry-level diesel at least 4500 euros cheaper

When developing the latest Astra generation, Opel naturally also thought about frequent drivers and is offering the model (perhaps for the last time?) with a diesel engine under the hood. These versions are also particularly cheap in the spring campaign. According to the Opel price list, prices for the 130 hp diesel Astra with 1.5 liter diesel start at 32,280 euros. Then the compact drives up with a particularly sporty look, which it gets by choosing the GS Line. In terms of equipment and comfort, this variant cannot keep up with the Ultimate plug-in hybrid, but the most important features such as LED headlights, navigation system and automatic air conditioning are of course also on board with the diesel.
At, the 1.5 diesel is available from 27,687 euros, i.e. with a discount of at least 4593 euros. And without the hassle of negotiating. However, here too the transfer costs reduce the actual estate a little. While many manufacturers announce delivery times of 12 or more months for individual models, you can get the Opel Astra in six months at the latest, depending on the configuration and workload of the plant. is currently talking about three to six months.

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