Buy the new Surface Laptop Go 2 cheaply: This is what Microsoft’s budget notebook offers

The “11” plays an important role in the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2. Here you can find out all the details and where the devices are available at low prices.

Microsoft recently introduced the Surface Laptop Go 2. The updated model uses the more powerful 11th generation Intel Core processors and a full Windows 11 installation. The “11” plays a major role in the new model. The starting price increases to 769 euros for the version with 8 GB RAM (the 4 GB RAM version starts at 670 euros, but is not particularly recommended when using Windows 11).


The Surface Laptop Go 2 is easier to repair. What remains unchanged compared to the predecessor is that Microsoft packs many high-end features into the Surface Laptop Go 2 that are otherwise only found in more expensive notebooks.

Available in new color sage

The Surface Laptop Go 2 is available in two versions, each in the colors ice blue, sandstone, platinum and – completely new – compared to its predecessor: sage. At Saturn there is only the 8 GB RAM variant of the Surface Laptop Go 2 for 769 or 869 euros:

Surface Laptop Go 2 i5 8GB / 128GB

Surface Laptop Go 2 i5 8GB / 256GB

Surface Laptop Go 2: The specs at a glance


12.45-inch (1536 x 1024, 148 PPI) 10-point multi-touch PixelSense display


Intel Core i5-1135G7


Xe Graphics



Internal memory:

128GB or 256GB SSD


1 USB-C, 1 USB-A, Surface Connect, 3.5mm headphones


720p f2.0 (front camera)

Battery life:

13.5 hours of typical use


WiFi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.1 (Surface Laptop Go: Bluetooth 5.0)

Operating system:

Windows 11 Home (for end users); Windows 11 Pro/Windows 10 Pro (for business customers)


278.2 x 15.7 x 206.2 millimeters


1.13 kilograms


Aluminum with polycarbonate resin (30 percent recycled content)


Ice Blue, Sandstone, Sage, Platinum


769 euros; 869 euros

Surface Laptop Go 2 partly better than its predecessor

Microsoft introduced the Surface Laptop Go in 2020, and the basic idea hasn’t changed much. The range is Microsoft’s attempt to bring the Surface brand to a budget-conscious audience. Our review of the Surface Laptop Go showed that it mostly succeeded, although we did recommend spending a little more money.

From our test conclusion from March 2021 on the Surface Laptop Go:

“The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go focuses on mobility and design instead of computing power and equipment. Its price-performance ratio is not convincing, but the notebook brings a touch of exclusivity to the middle class: Anyone who appreciates features such as a touchscreen, low weight and elegant Housing does not want to spend more than 1000 euros as usual, but only around 800 euros.”


On paper, the Surface Laptop Go 2 looks just like its predecessor. This also applies to the screen resolution. The first Surface Laptop Go caused a stir with its 12.45-inch panel with 1,526 x 1,024 pixels (148 PPI). Because it was below the 1080p resolution that is typical of most laptops. Microsoft delivers the Surface Laptop Go 2 with a 12.5 inch touch display and 1,536 x 1024 pixels (148 PPI).


What has changed, however, is that Microsoft has switched to Intel’s 11th generation (“Tiger Lake”) Core chips. To be more precise, on the Intel Core i5-1135G7. While we haven’t yet tested how the Surface Laptop Go 2 performs in benchmarks, we’ve seen the Core i5-1135G7 in competing budget notebooks. We assume that the Surface Laptop Go 2 will compete directly with the Acer Aspire 5. Our US colleagues from PC-WORLD determined in the test that the Core i5-1135G7’s performance is “good enough, but nothing special”.

More storage space and more repairable

Microsoft also dropped the 64GB storage option on the Surface Laptop Go 2 that was available on the Surface Laptop Go. Now you get at least 128GB of storage, in a “detachable” option that can be replaced by a trained Microsoft repair shop.

Microsoft has also made the “C-Cover” (keyboard and trackpad), “AB-Cover” (Microsoft language for the display) interchangeable, as well as the battery, “foot”-pads, and DisplayLink cable to increase lifespan of the device. Interestingly, everything but the battery is labeled a “customer-replaceable unit,” although Microsoft still advises choosing a “qualified technician” to replace it. The battery must be replaced by either Microsoft or a Microsoft authorized service provider.

Real Windows 11 instead of just Windows 10 S

Otherwise, the main change in the Surface Laptop Go 2 is the use of Windows 11 Home, which is available in the consumer version of the Surface Laptop Go 2. Or from Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro, which is offered as part of the Surface Laptop Go 2 for Business.

Microsoft shipped the Surface Laptop Go with Windows 10 in S mode. In the Surface Laptop Go 2, buyers get a full version of Windows 11 and not this stripped down version of Windows.

The most sophisticated gimmick remains

One of the more nifty gimmicks of the Surface Laptop Go hasn’t changed: the integrated fingerprint reader in the power button. Sure, we’ve seen similar approaches from Huawei, as well as laptops from Acer and others, but it was still a reliable, useful alternative to the Windows Hello depth camera found in other Surface devices. Microsoft has also integrated the Surface Connector. (The Surface Laptop Go could be charged via USB-C if desired.)

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