Buy Without Look couple is delighted with beautiful transformation

Currently Job and Denise live in a small apartment in Amsterdam with their 3-year-old daughter Izou. And then Denise is also expecting a second child. “We only have one bedroom now and while Izou is fine with us, I can’t wait for her to have her own room.” But the tight housing market prevents them from finding a new home. “Worst case scenario we will live here for another ten years, the four of us in one bedroom. “

And then the couple is also not even about their new home. Will it be Alkmaar or Bergen? Or something else? The help of Martijn Krabbé and his team is therefore very welcome.

It is difficult for Denise and Job when they hear that they have to make concessions fairly quickly. Because within their criteria there are zero houses for sale. “In their budget, between 325,000 and 425,000 euros, I cannot find houses in Alkmaar that also meet their wish list,” says real estate agent Alex.

Ultimately, Alex manages to buy a house for the couple. Their new house is in Bergmeer. “That is a relief,” says Denise immediately. Job’s first reaction is not immediately very enthusiastic. “I’m curious what it looks like on the inside.” When the couple steps in, it is immediately noticeable that a lot of overdue maintenance has been done and the house could certainly use a makeover. Moreover, they do not think the house is very spacious. “Everything just has to be done. I hope there is money for that,” says a concerned Denise.

Fortunately for Denise and Job, there is still a ton left to remodel the house. So Bob could turn the house into a beautiful dream home for the couple. After also removing woodworm, the team can Buy Without Looking to work.

When Job and Denise finally, months later, enter their renovated house, they are incredibly relieved. “It’s so beautiful”, Denise immediately starts enthusiastically. And Job is also happy. “It’s really beautiful.” Despite the fact that the attic is not yet finished, the couple is very happy. “We expected that the attic would also be done, but it feels like we are in a hotel.” All in all, another successful transformation.


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