Buyer complains of severe damage to almost new Model X – according to Tesla, no guarantee case

Despite many quality problems, most Tesla customers love their electric car, as surveys in the USA show. However, the buyer of a Tesla Model X should no longer belong to the group of sustained enthusiasts since this week. Just a week ago, he got the electric SUV, @Beastlyorion wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, and now he had simply “dropped a wheel”. Tesla also refuses to cover the cost of repairing the damage.

According to Tesla itself

A photo published for this purpose shows a black Tesla Model X with black rims, the left front wheel of which is not really missing, but hangs loosely and crookedly in its wheel arch. On the side is a piece of metal, which may be the wishbone that would otherwise hold the wheel. A day later, the user informed that Tesla claims that he caused the damage to his Model X himself.

The Tesla employees came up with this idea because the front tire was “a bit worn” and there was a small dent in the bumper. In the picture from the side you can actually see that the rubber apparently got at least some curb. However, the rim and everything else are largely intact, so that the electric car should never have had a serious incident.

The owner of the Model X himself became somewhat angry in his second message, in which he informed about Tesla’s refusal to guarantee. In the first one, he asked politely what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said about the problem. Then on Thursday he described his Model X as a “black money hole for $ 80,000 that almost killed us” and ironically thanked Musk for it.

At the latest, however, the defense reactions by Tesla fans began, which are not uncommon in such cases on Twitter. One user doubted that the man owned Model X at all, another found that @Beastlyorion had advised that Tesla shares be sold short on a trading platform in February. He was also personally attacked several times.

Tesla relented in a similar case

The story actually sounds incredible – but actually the aspect of the Tesla reaction in it. In addition to the aggressive ones, there were also several Twitter users who said that the moderate damage to the tire in no way justified the claim that the owner was responsible for the broken wishbone.

A not unlike case had already occurred in the middle of the month. The young owner of a Tesla Model 3 had driven through a deep puddle, causing his rear bumper to tear off, as he documented on Twitter. Tesla had refused a repair under guarantee and called the damage “act of God” (or force majeure), he wrote. In this case, too, his presentation was questioned many times and Tesla was defended. But two days later, the user informed that his father had written to the company with a lawyer and that the Tesla Model 3 was now being picked up and repaired free of charge.


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