Buyer’s guide 2022: The best monitors

Huawei, Xiaomi and Co. also want to sell monitors. This is your chance for more choice and low prices.

Before buying a monitor, given the variety of models, it is all the more important to answer the question of personal use as clearly as possible. The available budget is also not to be neglected, because in times of interrupted supply chains, prices vary much more than before due to transport difficulties. Monitor prices tend to go up, not down.

From 24 inches: all-rounder umbrella for work and pleasure

If you are looking for a solid second screen for your notebook or a sharp, color-neutral display for texts and images, you will often find a full HD monitor with a 24-inch diagonal (around 61 centimeters) and an IPS (in-plane switching) or VA panel (Vertical Alignment) happy. On the screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, there is space for two A4-size windows next to each other. Make sure that the edge of the screen is as small as possible, as this increases the impression of the image. In addition, you minimize the annoying black bar, should you later buy another monitor for a multi-monitor setup.

If you invest a good 120 euros, the display can often synchronize with the graphics card via Adaptive Sync or other technologies such as AMD’s Freesync and offers a refresh rate of at least 60 Hertz. However, you usually make compromises when it comes to the number of connections – such as the

Lenovo L24e-30

. Here you are limited to HDMI and VGA.

If you value ergonomic features, office monitors are the best choice. For adjusting the height, tilting, rotating and the portrait function (pivot), however, you now have to dig pretty deep into your pocket. Calculate a good 210 euros for a 24-inch device – for example for the Dell P2422H.

From 27 inches: gaming screens with fast refresh rates

The area of ​​game monitors continues to grow. If you don’t have to transport the monitor, you can opt for a 27-inch diagonal – with either Full HD or QHD resolution. For action-packed gaming, it depends on the speed of reaction, which is why frame rates from 144 Hertz are mandatory. For a coordinated synchronization with the graphics card, the desired display can handle AMD’s Freesync and / or Nvidia’s G-Sync. It is also height adjustable. Already at the start you should expect a good 250 euros, for example for the

Viewsonic XG2705-2

. In return, however, you get a display that has proven itself in everyday tasks.

The currently best compromise between the highest possible resolution and a faster frame rate for gaming are WQHD screens with 2560 x 1440 pixels. They achieve a maximum frame rate of 300 Hertz, which, however, requires a slightly higher investment, as the Acer XV272U KF for 370 euros shows . Uncompromising gamers opt for a 27-inch model with a 165 Hertz frame rate like the one

Gigabyte Aorus CV27Q

for around 450 euros, which thanks to its curved VA panel significantly intensifies the game.

The PC-WELT comparison tests on gaming monitors such as “The best full HD gaming monitors (1080p) for PC gamers in comparison”, “The best gaming monitors with 4K UHD resolution ( 2160p) in comparison “or” The best gaming monitors with WQHD resolution (1440p) in comparison “.

Luxury class: extra-wide monitors with USB-C connection

The extra-wide monitor class also remains popular because it saves you having to set up a multi-monitor. Although the displays in aspect ratios from 21: 9 and 34 inches diagonal are interesting for home workers as well as PC gamers, not every super-wide curved display is also unrestrictedly suitable for gaming. Fans of demanding action games in particular should therefore carefully study the technical information on the frame rate, response time and maximum brightness including high-contrast capability (display HDR).

What these umbrellas have in common is that, thanks to the curvature, you can keep an eye on the large screen area. In addition, the action on the screen intensifies, especially during games. However, this luxury also costs accordingly: A curved screen in the widespread 34-inch format with UWQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels easily costs 800 euros – such as for the Samsung S34A650UXU. For the money, however, equipment extras such as a USB-C connection with a hub function are often included. Via this, for example, appropriate mobile computers can be connected directly, supplied with power and other peripherals such as mice, keyboards or external hard drives connected directly to the screen.

Our comparison test will also help you choose a device for gaming monitors with a 21: 9 aspect ratio.

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