Buying a car: How to still pay the low VAT

So you still pay the low VAT when buying a car

VAT will rise again to 19 percent in 2021. Car buyers can with determination avoid the consequences of the lockdown and save money. VAT reduction as an economic boost in the second half of 2020, many Germans have for important purchases used. This included hundreds of thousands of new cars. But the hard corona lockdown could be a problem for many now: Find the handing over of the new car first after January 1st instead, is that again old sales tax of 19 percent due. At a price of 33,580 euros (this is how much a new car cost on average in 2019), this adds up to around 850 euros (this is how maintenance is calculated). Who has to wear it? Ideally nobody: it works Admission before December 31st, the customer can pick up his car with a new license plate and drive it home. Because the decisive date for the applicable VAT is not the day on which the purchase contract is concluded, but the date of Handover of the goods.

But many Admissions offices are in after the new hard lockdown Emergency operation. “We cannot currently guarantee that new orders can all be carried out as planned,” wrote the national approval service Kroschke as a precautionary measure on its website before Christmas.

The content of the sales contract is crucial

Car purchase / leasing

Fast calculation and action protects against increased costs when buying a car.

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What about cars that no longer permitted this year can be? If the handover takes place after December 31st, it depends Fine print on – the wording in the sales contract is important for car buyers: “Is a Fixed price including VAT agreed in the contract, then customers pay exactly this price“, so an ADAC spokeswoman. Is in the contract of one Net purchase price plus 16 percent the speech, then the Dealers the missing three percent to the tax office numbers. If the contract is for a purchase price plus the “Statutory” VAT, must Buyers the then valid 19 percent pay when the handover takes place in 2021.

Pay for the car and leave it behind

The car dealer association ZDK says: “Depending on the implementation of the lockdown by the federal states, both the delivery of vehicles that have already been sold and online sales are generally permitted.” If as a consumer when buying a car – also online – you can still benefit from the applicable VAT rate of 16 percent want to come enough according to ZDK the Handover of the vehicle by December 31, 2020. The ZDK spokesman: “The customer can then only register the vehicle in the coming year.”

Is called: Pay for the car – and usually leave it at the dealer, because only one registered vehicle may be parked on public land. However, many new car owners do not have a private garage or enough space in their driveway. To do this, the dealership must have its own Custody contract closed to clarify liability issues. “It is in the interests of the companies to strive for such a solution,” said the man from the ZDK.


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