Buying a Tesla electric car: a special journey

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How is buying a Tesla electric car different from buying a classic car? Here are a few points to know to stay in the magic of an approach that should leave you with very good memories.

In 2008 the production of the Tesla Roadster, presented to the public 2 years ago. The following year, a few lucky ones could already try it in France. There was no Tesla Store, or even an organized sales team.

A true enthusiast of the brand came to present a copy of the electric sports machine. He was hosted at various events. Thus, in September 2009, within the framework of the stock exchange of old vehicles of Créhange, in Moselle. This role, tailored specifically for him, resulted from a first proposal on his part to You’re here. He had had the idea of ​​translating into French the documentation which then only existed in English.

Even today it is enthusiasts who form the teams of the American manufacturer.

Try before you buy

Before buying a new car, electric or not, we can’t recommend you give it a try.

As it is a You’re here, many motorists were able to pass this step thanks to relatives. The Tesla Model 3, in particular, is starting to spread well in France.

Trial days You’re here were also regularly organized for this purpose. Or in the form of a tour de France. Either by offering meetings in supercharging stations, in hotels or elsewhere. The current Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily curbed this possibility. You’re here however hopes to return to it in a few months, when the Model Y will go into production at the gigafactory You’re here from Berlin.

There are still two other possibilities to try one of the electric cars imagined in Palo Alto:

  • Call a Tesla Store TA make an appointment. An approach that can also be carried out by the site by clicking on the link ” Book a contactless trial “. This formula is available for Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3. And soon for Model Y. After filling out a form, an email message invites you to confirm the request and choose a showroom. You will then have the opportunity to try the vehicle, alone or with your family, for around 30 minutes. The Tesla Advisor who will receive you will remain at a distance to take you to the vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask him for a more flexible provision if you wish to discover a car at greater length.
  • Rent a Tesla. Different tracks exist passing outside the manufacturer’s network. Either by operating a specialized business, or by using a peer-to-peer platform. The formula is obviously not free but offers the advantage of a test that is both longer and more free.

How to order a Tesla?

In Europe, 75% of buyers of a You’re here take advantage of the possibility of ordering their car via the Internet. The operation can thus be carried out quietly from home. This leaves time to discover the various online videos on the use of vehicles. The American manufacturer is a pioneer in digital controls. But this scenario is spreading among conventional manufacturers due to Covid-19.

After choosing a model, a configurator can be used to customize it. So for the color of the body and the color of the upholstery. But also for the rims, the coupling and the automatic piloting. The order is taken into account with the payment of 100 euros deposit. However, it is possible to cancel the order. You will only lose this modest amount paid.

The order can also be placed from a Tesla Store. In this case, it is the Tesla Advisor who carries out the order for you while advising you. Especially concerning financing solutions.

Tesla Model Y configurator

Simple and efficient, the online configurator allows you to order your Tesla in a few clicks

In all cases, the order is followed by an advisor. You’re here takes care of registering the vehicle and the steps to take to benefit from the government bonus. And, possibly, the conversion bonus. The different steps can be followed in the online customer area. There is the invoice, but also some details on the delivery.

It may take 1 to 2 weeks from ordering before a VIN serial number is assigned. While waiting for the opening of the Berlin gigafactory, all You’re here delivered in France are made in the United States. The only exception: the Tesla Model 3, some of which sold in Europe have been industrialized in the Chinese factory in Shanghai. To reach Europe, the You’re here are transported by cargo to the port of Zeebrugge, in Belgium. This is why deliveries are often grouped together at the end of the quarter.

Your electric car will then be transported by truck to Tesla Store on which you depend. For the Paris region, you will have to travel to Chambourcy, in the Yvelines.

The delivery of your Tesla

As the day of receipt of the vehicle approaches, an estimated delivery date is sent to the purchaser. An SMS exchange follows to arrange a meeting. Two possibilities are then offered:

  • Support from a dedicated advisor. He will thus be able to deliver his final advice for a good handling of the vehicle.
  • “Contactless” recovery. If necessary, you will find a complete guide on the central screen explaining how to properly use your new electric car.

It’s up to you to put magic into a purchase that has a lot to do with passion! And don’t forget: your Tesla Advisor is a human being. A good relationship with him also depends on you!

Author’s opinion

As the subject of the article may be misinterpreted, I would like to provide some clarifications. This is not an infomercial. It does not bring anything back to Automobile Propre or to myself from the manufacturer. The idea for this article was suggested by our Community Manager. He noted requests from readers for this subject to be dealt with.

A few regularly bring up a wide variety of problems concerning the procedure for purchasing a You’re here. Many others, on the contrary, express their satisfaction.

I have personally been confronted several times with advisers You’re here who did not know my identity. So during the opening of the showroom of La Madeleine, and also for the first tests of the Model 3. In 2009, I met the person in charge of the tests of the Tesla Roadster. At the start of 2013, I was able to discover the Tesla Model S in Antwerp on the occasion of the Get Amped Tour. The following September, as a journalist this time, I was able to attend the first deliveries to Paris, Villa Maillot.

Each time the teams of You’re here were at the top.

The massive arrival of the Tesla Model 3 in France necessarily shakes up the organization. Overall, even under this pressure, many of our readers reported good availability of You’re here Advisor.

Comments are open below so that everyone can openly share their own experience with our readers.


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