Buying an e-bike: 5 things to watch out for!

5 tips for buying an e-bike

An e-bike is an expensive purchase, so you should pay attention to a few things when buying so that you can enjoy it for a long time. How To Cars gives five important tips!

E-Bikes are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, you move environmentally friendly and in the fresh air, at the same time you are comfortable on the go thanks to the motor support. In our parlance, an e-bike usually means pedelecs whose motor supports up to 25 km / h. However, the driver has to pedal himself. If you want to buy an e-bike, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Tip 1: Find the right e-bike type

E-city bike: As the name suggests, the city e-bike is designed for everyday short journeys in the city. For example, for work or for shopping. The focus here is usually on comfort, i.e. a comfortable sitting position and good equipment such as a removable battery or good suspension (for example for cobblestones). Most of them are characterized by a deep entry.

Trekking e-bike: E-trekking bikes are particularly versatile and are therefore one of the most popular e-bikes. They manage the balancing act between city bike, racing bike and mountain bike. They are suitable for longer tours and excursions as well as for everyday use. As a rule, the motors are a bit stronger and the frames are more stable than with everyday e-bikes. You can read which trekking e-bikes are particularly good in the test
E-mountain bike: The mountain bike is all about a strong motor, wide tires and good suspension – after all, this is the e-bike for the forest trails in the mountains. In the frame, a distinction is made between hard trail and full suspension (in short: fully). The difference is in the suspension: the Hardtrail only has a suspension fork at the front, the full suspension e-bike also has suspension at the rear. If you are often on unpaved roads, you should prefer the full-suspension e-mountain bike.

5 tips for buying an e-bike

Folding bikes are particularly practical for taking them in the trunk or in the public transport.

E-bike folding bike: The electrically assisted folding bike is particularly worthwhile for cyclists who frequently change modes of transport and want to take the bike with them on the subway or pack it in the trunk. It is characterized by its particularly compact format and, as the name suggests, the bike can be folded up using a folding mechanism. E-compact bikes, which are also compact but do not have a folding mechanism, are similarly practical. Read more about this in the e-bike folding bike test

Cargo e-bike: The advantage of the cargo e-bike are the large transport trays or luggage racks, which allow children to be taken with them, to bring large purchases from A to B or to transport moving boxes. Some cargo e-bikes can lift a load of up to 200 kilos.

E-racing bike: A racing bike with motor support makes little sense at first glance, since the focus is on sporting activities. The electric motor is a good support for keeping your pulse in the optimal range on demanding routes. This enables the cyclist to better divide his strength. The popular gravel bikes now also have models with an electric motor. The gravel bike is a kind of off-road racing bike.

E-Crossbike: The cross bike is primarily intended for longer bike tours. Accordingly, it has a strong motor, a stable frame and good suspension. This means that you are well on the road with your cross bike even off paved roads. But the all-rounder among e-bikes also cuts a fine figure in city traffic.

Speed ​​pedelec: The so-called S-Pedelec differs from the common Pedelec primarily in its speed: It supports the driver electrically up to 45 km / h. For this reason, driving an S-Pedelec requires at least the AM license and an insurance number.

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* Prices: as of April 17th, 2020

Tip 2: Take engine position into account

As with the car, there are different positions for the motor on the e-bike. The mid-engine is usually the most practical because it does not adversely affect driving behavior due to the even weight distribution. In addition, it is characterized by low wear. Rear engines transfer the power directly to the rear wheel and especially boast a more sporty driving style. But: they cannot be combined with coaster brakes or hub gears. Front engines are one thing above all: inexpensive. That is why they can usually be found on very budget-oriented models. This, however, shifts the center of gravity of the e-bike a bit forward, which is rather unusual for the bike and can therefore have a negative impact on steering behavior and also make driving on wet, slippery surfaces more difficult.

Tip 3: choose the right battery

The battery is also an important point when buying an e-bike. There are two main questions to be asked here: Should the battery be removable or integrated? What range should it create? A removable battery is convenient because it can be connected anywhere for charging. A permanently installed battery cannot be stolen. The range is primarily about the capacity, you should take into account that this decreases over the course of your bike life. Most e-bike batteries have a capacity of around 400-500 watt hours. But you should note: The range increases the weight.

Tip 4: Absolutely test drive

An e-bike is an expensive purchase, so a test drive is important before you buy it. This is the only way to determine whether the bike really fits you. This also applies to the frame size, because the calculated value is not always ideal for the individual physique. Another important criterion is the saddle: If it is uncomfortable, you will hardly be able to stand a longer bike tour on it. The handlebar should also be comfortable to handle and operate.

Tip 5: keep an eye on weight

If you want to carry or transport the bike, weight naturally also plays a role. Especially with sporty e-bikes, there are many models that are made of very light materials. Another weight driver is the battery: Here you should carefully weigh the weight and the range. Most e-bikes have a permissible total weight of 120 kilos. But that also includes the weight of the bike itself. With your own body weight and possibly luggage, it can get tight. Possibly. it is worth buying a special cargo bike here.

You should also pay attention to this when buying an e-bike

Brakes: With the e-bike you can reach significantly higher speeds than with the normal bike. Accordingly, the brakes must be more powerful and better decelerate. With the e-bike, you should therefore make sure that it is equipped with hydraulic rim or disc brakes.

Circuit: Buyers can choose between derailleur and hub gears. Derailleurs are more resilient and can often be serviced and repaired yourself. The hub gear, however, is less prone to wear and often cheaper. You usually have to go to a professional for a repair.

Inform: In order to enjoy the e-bike for a long time, you should inform yourself beforehand about the strengths and weaknesses of the respective models with current test reports. You can read the latest tests and other reports relating to bicycles at

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