By comparing telecom operators, you can save up to 405 euros annually

A tariff study by BIPT, the regulator of the telecom sector, shows that comparing telecom operators can save hundreds of euros.

Since 2012, BIPT has made a snapshot of the prices applicable on the Belgian telecom market every two years. The study was conducted on September 11. This means that any price adjustments after that date are not included in the comparison. For example, Telenet increased the subscription prices on 25 October.

Comparing pays off

The new tariff study shows that families who subscribe to a so-called quadruple play subscription (fixed internet, fixed telephony, digital TV and a mobile subscription) can save up to 405 euros per year by comparing telecom operators. That is the difference between the most expensive and cheapest player on the market.

Even families who do not want a mobile phone subscription in their telecom package can save a lot of money by taking a closer look at the telecom operators. The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive triple play subscription can amount to EUR 114 per year.

Anyone who only needs an internet connection can save up to 453 euros annually by comparing telecom operators. If you only need a mobile subscription, you can save up to 127 euros annually.

It is important to check each time whether a cheaper subscription also has the same benefits. Sometimes there may be a difference in terms of data limit, speed or other matters.

“The new study once again shows that consumers can save considerably on their telecom bill by comparing the prices of the operators”, BIPT said in a press release. The regulator has its own independent price comparison site on


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