bZ4X: Toyota recalls all e-cars – wheel can come off

Toyota has hardly had to recall its first bZ4X electric car on the market. The vehicle may lose a wheel. Owners are no longer allowed to move their bZ4X, but should have the Toyota dealer pick it up for repair.

Toyota makes a classic false start with its first electric car: the bZ4X has hardly been available before the Japanese have to call it back to the workshops. The Verge was the first to report the recall.

The wheel bolts on the bZ4X can become loose. In the worst case, the vehicle then loses a wheel. The reason for the recall is therefore quite serious. Toyota is therefore warning bZ4X owners not to continue driving the electric car until the problem has been solved. bZ4X owners should contact their Toyota dealership. They then have the bZ4X picked up to fix the problem. For this period, the Toyota customer is provided with a free rental car.

According to Toyota, it is still unknown why the wheel bolts can loosen, the Japanese are still looking for the cause.

Worldwide recall

The recall applies worldwide to all previously delivered bZ4X. Toyota is said to have delivered around 2700 vehicles of this model around the world, 2200 of which Toyota delivered to Europe. It is currently unknown how many of these have been approved in Germany. The Toyota press office has not yet responded to our inquiry in this regard.

Toyota, an absolute pioneer in hybrid vehicles, had waited a long time to present its first all-electric car. Toyota then launched the bZ4X less than two months ago.


The bZ4X is Toyota’s first all-electric vehicle. It is an SUV and uses the e-TNGA platform, in which the battery unit is integrated into the vehicle structure; higher body rigidity and a lower center of gravity should benefit the driving dynamics. The all-electric SUV is available with both front and all-wheel drive. For the front-wheel drive, Toyota calls a range of up to 513 kilometers in the WLTP cycle and for the all-wheel drive version, the theoretical range should be 415 kilometers. Prices start at 47,490 euros.

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