C40 Recharge: Volvo shows the first model of its future as a pure electric car provider

A few hours after Volvo’s announcement that it would only offer electric cars from 2030, the first model for the new era was presented on Tuesday: the new C40 Recharge was the first Volvo that was designed and developed exclusively as an electric vehicle, the company announced. Like the XC40 Recharge as the first pure Volvo electric car, but which still has a combustion brother, the slightly more compact C40 is also based on the CMA platform. But at least it has something that Tesla introduced and has since become a kind of seal of approval for real electric cars: an additional trunk under the front hood (Frunk).

A look into the future of electric cars

According to Volvo, the new C40 Recharge is also a glimpse into the future. Because apart from the drive, it is also pioneering in other areas. For example, Volvo does without leather in the new addition. New paths are also being broken in sales. Similar to Tesla, the new Volvo and the following electric cars will only be available to order online.

All in all, the technical data provided by Volvo sounds presentable. The specified WLTP range of the C40 is 420 kilometers with 78 kWh battery capacity, however, far behind the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is done in 4.9 seconds. The technical details of the drive and the battery technology are otherwise known from the XC40 Recharge. That means: 408 hp, 180 kilometers per hour at its peak, a full 660 Newton meters of torque. Charging is done with up to 140 kW of direct current. According to Volvo, this should be enough to charge the built-in battery to 80 percent within 40 minutes.

According to Volvo, the C40 Recharge offers all the advantages of an SUV, but is lower and slimmer. The pictures show at least a very distinct rear end. Many other details have been adopted from earlier Volvos or from Polestar’s own electric car brand. You can immediately recognize the headlights in their basic design as typical of the brand. The interior is enlivened by an infotainment system based on Android. This means that well-known apps from the Google Playstore can also be used directly in the vehicle.


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