Cabinet compensates higher energy bill with an average of 400 euros per household

The tax reduction energy bill (a tax discount that is standard on your bill) will increase by 230 euros. Electricity taxes are going down. How much that yields per household therefore depends on the consumption. The more consumption, the more it yields.

The business community can also make use of the same compensation. 500 million euros has been set aside for this. The compensation measures will cost the cabinet a total of 3.2 billion euros.


In addition to these measures, the cabinet is also making 150 million euros available for insulating houses.

Through municipalities, private individuals who want to insulate their houses better, for example by installing draft excluders, can request support from their municipality. “Draught strips can really save euros on your bill. Make use of it,” said Minister Ollongren.

Different variants

At the urging of the House of Representatives, the cabinet had recently promised to look at measures to limit the expected higher costs of rising gas prices. These have recently been skyrocketing due to international developments.

Due to rising gas prices, the energy bill of many households threatens to rise by many tens of euros per month next winter. Part of the cabinet already met on Tuesday for consultations about compensation for consumers and companies, but then said it still had to calculate different variants.

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