Cabinet is brooding on compensation for explosive rise in energy costs: ‘We want to solve that’

A large majority of the House of Representatives also wants the cabinet to compensate people for the high energy prices. The parties do not yet know how that compensation should take place.

Various measures possible

Hoekstra says that the cabinet will ‘do what is necessary’ and is thinking about an extra intervention, after the hundreds of millions of euros that were already earmarked earlier this year to combat the rise in energy bills. But first he wants to get a better idea of ​​how big the problem is.

Several measures are possible, Hoekstra said. He pointed to a measure for all people as in France, or to a measure for lower incomes. “So how do you do it fair to those people who really get hit the hardest.”

The outgoing cabinet has set up a team of six ministers, who are looking at the consequences of the spectacularly rising gas price.

Hundreds of euros higher

According to information institute Nibud, rising energy prices in the Netherlands will lead to more poverty. Director Arjan Vliegenthart confirms that Nibud fears that hundreds of thousands of households will run into problems due to the higher energy bill.

The energy bill for consumers may be hundreds of euros higher now that the prices for electricity and gas are soaring. How much higher the bill will be depends on many things such as the weather, the quality of the house, the energy contract and the heating behaviour.


VVD MP Silvio Erkens and CDA MP Henri Bontenbal have asked parliamentary questions about the rising energy bill. Together with the other coalition parties D66 and ChristenUnie, these two parties want to submit a proposal today calling on the cabinet to do something about the rising energy bill. According to insiders, this is now being written.

The PvdA and GroenLinks also want compensation. GroenLinks MP Tom van der Lee: “If you do something, you should do it so that it ends up with people with smaller grants. Those who suffer the most.” He also emphasizes that it is urgent.

SP MP Mahir Alkaya points out that the tax on gas is unjust because large consumers pay much less and that the tax for ‘ordinary people’ has doubled in recent years, ‘while it hardly increased for industry’.

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