Cabinet is working on a ban on killing millions of young roosters

Outgoing minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture) writes this in a letter to the House of Representatives. He previously passed two motions, which called for a ban on killing the roosters.


Every year, more than 40 million newly born roosters are gassed or destroyed in the shredder in the Netherlands. This is because they have no economic value. After all, roosters don’t lay eggs.

However, this animal suffering is no longer necessary. More and more techniques are being developed to determine the sex of the embryo in the egg before birth. This makes it possible to choose not to hatch eggs with roosters. It is also possible to let the roosters come and grow up for meat production.


Schouten wants a widely supported solution to the problem, she writes in her letter. Internationally, there are also initiatives to achieve a ban. France already imposed a ban last year. Together with Germany, the French are now calling for a ban across the European Union.

At the end of 2018, the German company SELEGGT presented its solution for the unnecessary slaughter of millions of young roosters:

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