Cabinet is working on support for entrepreneurs, no guarantee of 100 percent compensation

According to Rutte, entrepreneurs are always ‘generous’ compensated for their loss of turnover as a result of the corona measures. “That’s the intention again.” But he says he cannot give ‘a 100 percent guarantee’ that they will be reimbursed for all their damage.

Clarity next week

The details of the new support will be announced next week, the RVO reports on its site. “It is not that we have this ready for days”, Rutte explains why there is no clarity yet.

The support will resemble the previous government support packages, he said during the press conference at which the stricter measures were announced. He was probably referring to the wage support via the NOW and the TVL scheme, money for entrepreneurs to be able to continue to pay fixed costs.

‘Entrepreneurs bear the burden’

This support does not go far enough for entrepreneurs, because they believe that they have to pay for the problems in healthcare. “Entrepreneurs and their employees now bear the burden of a lack of care capacity, a late roll-out of the third injection and a low vaccination rate among specific target groups,” said a spokesperson for employers’ clubs VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland.

The organizations therefore demand from the outgoing cabinet that the damage for entrepreneurs is ‘fully compensated’. The catering industry in particular feels disadvantaged, because they have to close their doors at 8 pm for the next three weeks.

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