Cabinet wants to help the most severely injured in the allowance affair more quickly

Forty thousand of the fifty thousand people who reported as victims have had an initial assessment. About sixty percent of them are eligible for compensation. The majority of this group has meanwhile received a first payment of 30,000 euros.

Many victims have more damage. The integral assessment of the files takes a lot of time. By the end of this year, 8,000 people have been fully compensated. “We know that there are still a lot of parents waiting and that we will also be busy for a while to ensure that we help everyone in the right way,” says Van Huffelen.

The heaviest cases now come first. In addition, parents who register will be informed more quickly whether they are entitled to compensation. Municipalities will also have a greater role. These measures should ensure faster processing.

In recent months, more and more people have reported that they are not benefit victims. According to the state secretary, they are usually not fortune seekers, but people have other problems, such as with debts. “But they can’t be helped by the repair surgery.”

Anyone who has lost his or her home or job as a result of the allowance affair can still turn to the Actual Damage Commission (CWS) after compensation. So far, that committee has dealt with about 70 cases.

Several tons

The highest compensation for actual damage suffered amounts to several hundred thousand euros. Half of the victims who knock on the door of the CWS get nothing. In cases where additional compensation has been awarded, this amounts to an average of 37,000 euros.

A frequently heard complaint from victims who approach the CWS is that the committee is said to be too strict. It was promised that it would be sufficient that ‘it is plausible’ that damage results from the allowance affair. According to victims and their lawyers, they must nevertheless submit hard evidence.

High expectations

“Sometimes expectations are very high,” says Van Huffelen. “I can imagine that it is not a nice process for some parents either.” The CWS will soon publish a more extensive report of the first cases. This should provide more clarity about what victims can expect.

“I think it is important that there is more clarity: what can you expect there, what questions do they ask and how should you demonstrate that you have suffered damage,” says the State Secretary. “On the other hand, I also understand very well that the committee cannot award a lot of extra compensation based on someone’s story alone.”

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