Cabinet will not repair purchasing power extra despite concerns about high inflation

Due to the rising prices, the purchasing power plates for next year are no longer worth anything, says PVV MP Léon de Jong. With the plans presented by the cabinet on Budget Day, most households would not or hardly suffer any loss next year.

Those calculations are no longer worth anything, say other parties. “Everyone is failing”, fulminates PvdA MP Henk Nijboer during the budget discussion of Social Affairs. “We have not had such a large decrease in purchasing power since the Second World War,” said MP Pieter Omtzigt.


The main driver behind rising inflation is rising energy prices. The cabinet recently set aside more than three billion euros to limit the consequences for households. There are also talks with municipalities to do something extra for the people with the smallest wallet.

The government is taking rising inflation seriously, says Wiersma. But for now, he sees no reason for additional purchasing power repair. It is also ‘too early’ to predict how inflation will develop next year. Price increases in the coming months are expected to be less than in November.

not nothing

“It is always possible to do more,” says Wiersma. “But I don’t think 3.2 billion euros is nothing. Then you take this problem seriously.” The State Secretary also refers to the formation table, where plans may also be made that can have a beneficial effect on people’s purchasing power.

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