Cadillac reveals plans for flying car

For us Europeans, Cadillac stands for luxurious, heavy cars full of chrome and loved by American presidents. But now the car brand has also announced plans for a flying car.

The American carmaker General Motors (GM) has unveiled a prototype of a flying Cadillac at the CES technology fair that will take drivers through busy cities in a few minutes. While flying.

The company showed an animation video of a so-called eVTOL (electric vehicle take-off and landing), a single-seat autonomous airplane. According to GM, the aircraft has four rotors, powered by a 90kWh electric motor, with which it can take off and land vertically.

The aim is for the black, futuristic-looking aircraft to take off in the future from specially equipped helipads on buildings and in converted parking garages. Apart from the fact that the eVTOL would reach speeds of 90 kilometers per hour, few other technical details are known.

“First step towards air mobility”

Michael Simcoe, vice president of the Global Design division at GM, said during the design presentation: “This is GM’s first step towards air mobility. We are preparing for a world where advancements in electric and autonomous technology enable personal air travel. ”

However, GM was silent at the CES show in all languages ​​about a possible release date for the flying Cadillac. “It’s a glimpse of what autonomy and Cadillac luxury might look like in the not-too-distant future,” said Simcoe.

Cadillac’s eVTOL prototype. Photo: GM

GM not alone

Moreover, the American automaker is by no means the only one who dreams of flying cars. This week, California-based Archer Aviation announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler (FCA) to develop its own electric eVTOL.

This year, the British company Vertical Aerospace announced that it will have flying taxis ready to transport commuters in the United Kingdom within four years. The Bristol company unveiled a design with a 15-meter wing and eight rotors that would reach a cruising speed of 150 miles per hour and be able to carry four passengers and a pilot.


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