Call money account: More than 500 banks no longer pay interest

These banks are environmentally friendly

You can also choose a bank that makes environmentally friendly or politically correct investments. For example, you don’t finance nuclear power or weapons through the bank, but maybe an organic farmer who would otherwise find it more difficult to obtain credit.

The GLS bank is the leader in this field. According to them, 33 percent of their financing goes into renewable energy; the rest in nutrition projects, sustainable economy, housing, education and culture as well as social and health.

The environmental bank already has one of its main goals in its name. According to her, the projects funded by the bank have 557,635 tons of CO2nd saved. There the money flows into environmental funds or programs that set financial incentives for ecological building: the more sustainable your property, the less you have to pay for the financing.

Pro Credit Bank has been certified as a climate-neutral company since January 2019 – which means that the emissions it causes are offset by a climate protection project. In addition, no business relationships should be maintained with institutions that violate human rights or that support the arms and nuclear industries.



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