Call of Duty: Honest players become invisible to cheaters

A new camouflage feature has been added to Call of Duty’s Ricochet anti-cheat system to spoil the fun for cheaters.

The developers of the anti-cheat system Ricochet, which is used in the games in the “Call of Duty” series, introduced a new camouflage function this week that is intended to make life difficult for cheaters. If Ricochet recognizes that a player has activated a cheat in “Call of Duty”, his honest fellow players become invisible to him. Regardless of the illegal software used by the cheaters, bullets should no longer be able to harm the other players.

Camouflage function is intended to spoil the fun for cheaters

With the new camouflage function, the developers want to prevent cheaters from being competitive in online matches. Since they can no longer see their opponents and cannot harm them with their bullets, they should lose the fun of the game and possibly do without cheats in the future.

“Characters, bullets, and even sounds made by legitimate players cannot be recognized by cheaters,”

the developer explains in a blog post.

“However, legitimate players can see cheaters affected by the stealth feature and can punish them in-game,”

it goes on.

Always new features against scammers

The stealth feature is part of a series of new features that allow Call of Duty players to take on cheaters themselves in online matches. The Damage Shield introduced in February is also part of this and ensures that a cheater’s bullets can no longer harm honest opponents.

Ricochet should be continuously improved

To improve cheater detection, Call of Duty players should continue to report cheaters in online matches. According to Team Ricochet, they have banned 54,000 cheater accounts since the last major update.

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