Call of Duty loses players with every update – the reason

Due to the huge download sizes for patches and updates, “Call of Duty” regularly loses players.

Ever increasing game downloads not only annoy the players of the shooter franchise “Call of Duty”, but also restrict the developers in their work. The now massive file size of Call of Duty: Warzone is affecting the development team’s ability to release new maps for the game. Josh Bridge, Call of Duty: Warzone Live Operations Lead, admitted this in an interview with streamer TeeP.

Download sizes hinder map rotation

“The install and re-install sizes are freakin’ crazy, aren’t they? If we take Caldera out and say we’re putting Danzig in, that could basically mean a Warzone-sized re-download.”

so Bridge. However, the developer admits that the team would like to swap maps of the battle royale shooter. However, the enormous download sizes would deter the studio from doing so.

Uninstallation instead of update installation

According to Bridge, the enormous download sizes in turn deter the “Warzone” players. In the past, larger numbers of players were regularly lost with major map updates. According to Bridge, many users would think twice before downloading the next major patch or uninstalling the game right away.

“CoD” takes up scarce SSD storage

“Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” take up a combined 250 gigabytes on the PC and around 150 gigabytes on the consoles. Patches vary in size and are usually between 10 and almost 50 gigabytes. This not only takes a long time to download and install, but also eats up the tight SSD storage on the Playstation 5, for example. The developers of “Warzone” are aware of this problem and, according to Bridge, have set themselves the goal of solving it on a technical level in order to enable long-term map rotation without players having to accept gigantic downloads.

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