Cambuur and De Graafschap also talk about compensation

The two clubs and the KNVB will further develop what has been discussed with each other in the coming days. Any financial compensation will be paid from the paid football solidarity fund, a fund that includes clubs and KNVB.

Cambuur and De Graafschap seemed to be heading straight for the premier league, when the KNVB broke off the professional football leagues without a promotion and relegation scheme because of the corona virus. The two best teams of the first division went to court, but lost summary proceedings against the football association.

Cambuur and De Graafschap estimate that they will lose at least 2.5 million euros if they do not receive their doctorate. On Monday they wanted to hear from general manager Eric Gudde of the KNVB how he wants to compensate for that damage.

If in their view Cambuur and De Graafschap are insufficiently compensated, they can still appeal against the judge’s decision. In addition, they can try to be right at the members meeting of the KNVB, which was put on the agenda before June 18.


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