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Camper dining bypasses rules, “everyone was cheering” | Inland

Arlo Vlaar put ten campers at the door where customers can eat. “Restaurants and terraces are closed, but hotels are allowed to open. I figured that I could get around by renting campers. Because my guests sign a contract with which they are the “homeowner” of a camper for three hours and you can just deliver it there. “

The idea was a hit, because last Mother’s Day weekend there was a storm at Vlaar. “The concept motorhome dining caught on, I put no less than 116 place settings. It was great to feel that catering blood flow again and make people happy, ”says Vlaar. “Everyone was cheering and enjoying the four-course menu that we served.”

“The number of people we could serve per camper differed, a few times that there were five when a family came. They can just sit close together. But because of the one and a half meters, it was often two people who we could serve our mousse of salmon and kiffir lime, smoked rib-eye, snow crab and marzipan ravioli ”, says Vlaar, who says that this concept tastes like more.


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