Camping by bike: garages on wheels

Camping and motorcycling – they simply go together. However, it can be a little more comfortable than in a tent. With these mobile homes, bikers don’t have to do without a moped or a comfortable bed!

Frankia M-Line T7400 GD

The classic

Two rooms, kitchen, bathroom – perfect for two people. The M-Line with a large sunbathing area in the rear is primarily a classic mobile home for couples with a rear garage for compact naked bikes or dainty oldies. The special feature: the rear wall can be opened in addition to the side doors. The chic living room is spacious and comfortably furnished.


Three rear doors make it easier to load the two-wheeler. The noble interior leaves nothing to be desired.

Vehicle data:
• Dimensions L/W/H 7680/2300/3090 mm
• Weight max. 5000 kg (C1 driving license)
• Sleeps 2
• Rear garage H/D/W 1240/1400/2180 mm
• Price from 113,900 euros

VR Motorhomes off-road yacht

From professionals for professionals

As an enduro and motocross rider, Valentin Rehrl knows exactly what motorcyclists value in a camper. In Freilassing, Bavaria, he develops self-sufficient high-tech panel vans that offer plenty of space and comfort for man and machine. Each vehicle is built according to customer requirements – depending on whether it is going to the race track or on holiday.
VR motor home

Everything that’s fun: enduro, supermoto and e-mountain bikes fit in the sealed rear garage.

Vehicle data:
• Dimensions L/W/H 7400/2040/2798 mm
• Weight max. 4200 kg (C1 driving license)
• Sleeps 3
• Rear garage H/D/W 2000/2500/1500 mm
• Price from 95,000 euros

Scooter team Kronos 290 M

The bed bunker

Four fixed beds – two in the alcove and two in the rear bed – and a lavish seating area make the Kronos scooter team a family camper with a motorcycle garage. Bikers with a height of up to 1.83 meters have space under the elevating bed for loading. With the standard 3.5 ton approval, however, it’s getting tight – especially with heavy bikes.

roller team

The long overhang of the Kronos should be kept in mind when manoeuvring. The interior has a timeless design.

Vehicle data:
• Dimensions L/W/H 7450/2350/3200 mm
• Weight max. 3500 kg (B driving license)
• Sleeps 4
• Rear garage H/D/W 1830/1930/2200 mm
• Price from 49,890 euros

Bullifactor all-rounder

The three-in-one camper

Everyday vehicle, camper and motorcycle transporter – the Bulli is and remains the jack of all trades. Especially when it has such clever furniture concepts as the “Allrounder” from the Hamburg interior design company Bullifaktur on board. Dennis Sawadsky invented it when he was working on an extension for himself and his Yamaha R1. (Bike innovations for 2022)

Kitchen, pull-out bed and space for the moped: no luxury, but everything that camping bikers need.

Vehicle data:
• Dimensions L/W/H 5304/1904/1990 mm
• Weight max. 3000 kg (B driving license)
• Sleeps 4
• Rear garage H/D/W 1320/2400/650-900 mm
• Price from 15,515 euros (without vehicle)

RJH 80E Exclusive

The luxury ship

The rolling holiday apartment with garage from RJH offers bikes and bikers plenty of space and comfort. The rear garage can be opened around the corner. The living space is equipped with an XXL lounge, large bathroom and facings made of real stone. Only the truck driver’s license is not included.


RJH is actually a specialist in horseboxes with living space. The construction of luxury motorhomes was obvious.

Vehicle data:
• Dimensions L/W/H 7900/2550/3600 mm
• Weight max. 9000 kg (C driving license)
• Sleeps 5
• Rear garage H/D/W 1400/1600/2400 mm
• Price from 299,000 euros

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