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Large grills, such as those used at home on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, are usually too unwieldy for mobile barbecuing fun. We have therefore four special camping grills for on the go tested. Some come to the customer already assembled – like the Campingaz grill. It is also a good alternative for long-term campers or travelers who have a large rear garage and stand in one place for a long time. Other devices have to be assembled for use – packed again, but they save a lot of space during transport. For example the Skotti gas grill, which is so flat that it can be carried on trips in a backpack or fits in a side compartment of a car. Since charcoal grills are forbidden on many parking spaces due to the risk of fire, two gas grills are also being tested.

Camping grills: four mobile table grills in the test

The stylish one: Aniva PRTK Mangal

Aniva Prtk Mangal

Thumbs up: The Aniva camping grill was the most convincing in the test.

Grill type: Money • Size of the grill area: 28 x 20.5 cm (2x) • Price: 85 euros

Outdoor grill in four colors (orange, red, black and green) that won the “Red Dot Award” design prize. Suitable for vans to liners. • Assembly: The grill is fully assembled at the factory. • Equipment: The manufacturer offers meat skewers with a support and a pair of tongs. • Quality: The grill makes a very robust and durable impression. Thanks to the aluminum housing, the device is rust-free. • Cleaning: Hardly any effort due to the aluminum trays for the coal and the easy-to-clean grate.

Aniva PRTK Mangal

PRTK Mangal
  • No assembly
  • Self-explanatory function
  • Good ventilation of the coal
  • Cannot be dismantled
  • Slight discoloration of the material due to heat

price € 85.00

The professional grill: Campingaz Attitude 2Go CV 2400W

Take away table grills

The grill grate is robust and easy to clean after grilling.

Grill type: Gas • Size of the grill area: 48 x 25.5 cm • Price: 178 euros

Largest table grill in comparison. Suitable for motorhomes with a rear garage or for permanent campers. • Assembly: It couldn’t be easier: take it out of the large transport box, connect the gas hose and burner – and off you go, the fun of grilling can begin. • Equipment: no. • Quality: The entire grill makes a high-quality impression. The cast iron grill grate has a burner protection so that no flames arise from dripping fat. • Cleaning: easy cleaning.

Campingaz Attitude 2Go

Attitude 2Go
  • Heated up to 350 degrees
  • Fat drip tray
  • thermometer
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Heat distribution rather in front
  • Only fits in larger campers

price € 178.00

The flexible one: Knister Grill

Take away table grills

With both grids, a lot of grilled food fits on the crackle

Grill type: Money • Size of the grill area: 48 x 20 cm • Price: 79 euros

In the test: the charcoal version (also available as a gas and mini charcoal grill). Suitable for vans to liners. • Assembly: The grill is delivered almost assembled. The wooden handles are a bit imprecise. • Equipment: The special bike holder is really cool. So the Knister can be easily mounted on the handlebar. Only barbecuing while driving is not allowed. • Quality: Taking it off is a bit clunky and stiff. When fully extended, the grill sags slightly. • Cleaning: no problems after soaking the grate.

Crackle grill

Crackle grill
  • Transport handles
  • Expandable grill area
  • Special bike holder
  • Slight discoloration of the material after use
  • Coal can fall out at the bottom

price € 79.00

The space-saving one: Skotti

Take away table grills

Not so nice: fat runs out of the grill and onto the table.

Grill type: Gas • Size of the grill area: 30 x 20 cm • Price: 159 euros

Smallest and most special grill. Suitable for the smallest campers, tents, hikes – or as an additional grill. • Assembly: As much as the small pack size is convincing, it takes practice and steady hands to assemble the seven parts. • Equipment: Lids, boxes for cooking and grill tongs – the range of accessories is huge • Quality: The quality of the materials and workmanship is good – but be careful: you can injure yourself on the sharp corners when assembling! Strong discoloration of the material after use. • Cleaning: no problem after soaking and using a steel sponge.

Skotti Grill

Skotti Grill
  • Smallest pack size
  • Extensive accessories
  • Reaches a high temperature quickly
  • Strong discoloration of the material
  • Fat runs out of the bottom
  • Assembly is a matter of practice

price € 159.00

Conclusion of the camping grill test

It’s really surprising what clever ideas and compact devices there are on the mobile table grill market. In the end, the Aniva PRTK Mangal convinced us the most with its easy handling and chic design.

So was tested

Take away table grills

The so-called “toast test” shows best how heat is distributed over the entire grill surface.

Each grill arrived in its original packaging. First test: How easy and understandable it is to assemble the devices. Second section: How quickly do the devices reach which temperature? The heat measurements were taken after five and a further ten minutes. The temperature was measured on the grill grate and under the device. After the heating phase, the toast test was used on the gas grill. At the end there was the practical test with sausages, steaks and halloumi vegetable skewers.

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