Can this car paint increase the range of e-cars?

A little review of 2019: BMW is showing a BMW X6 in the color Vanta-Black at the IAA. The special thing: the Paint absorbs 99.965 percent of the light – the blackest black in the world. Because it reflects almost no light, the SUV looks good to the human observer almost two-dimensional.

A team of “Purdue University” in the US state Louisiana has now developed the exact opposite: the whitest white in the world. Behind the new one “Guinness World Record” there was a very specific thought: “When we started this project seven years ago, we were on Save energy and the Combating climate change thought “, says Xiulin Ruan, teacher at the university. The aim was to develop a color that reflects as much light as possible – and thus reduce the warming caused by the sun, for example of houses. The most light-reflecting hue has been found to be white.

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Vattenfall wallbox

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How can the whitest color in the world help the environment?

For example, the more buildings heat up when exposed to sunlight, the more they have to be cooled – especially in summer – to keep the temperature inside low. That is done by air conditioners that Consume energy and pollute the environment. Because the new shade 98.1 percent of the light is not absorbed, but reflected, it stays cooler inside than outside. Active cooling is not completely superfluous, but does not have to be used as often (That helps when the air conditioning smells). Ruan says the new shade is wise 10 kilowatts of cooling capacity on 93 square meters of roof area on. That exceeds the performance of most common air conditioners. A normal shade of white reflects just approximately 80 to 90 percent of the light. The new color should be priced absolutely competitive be (These electricity tariffs make charging e-cars cheaper).

Will the new color also be used in cars?

The benefits would also be enormous for cars and commercial vehicles. Here, too, the air conditioning system consumes a lot of energy at high temperatures. In the case of combustion engines, this would be 100 kilometers save around half a liter of petrolif the air conditioning stayed off completely. It gets really interesting with e-mobility: With electric cars, not only that Reduce power consumption, but also the Significantly increase the range. Many of the Stromers still struggle with the problem of insufficient range. (Is it worth leasing a new electric car?)

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