Can we soon meet outside with 8 instead of 4?

A new Consultation Committee is on the agenda on Friday. The following relaxation will be discussed. Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter (Groen) would like to see a relaxation in the number of contacts you can meet outside the home.

At this moment you can meet with one person (your cuddly contact) indoors where you do not have to keep your distance. In addition, you can meet up with four people in the open air, but you must keep your distance. There is growing support for pushing that figure up.

Eight people

Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter (Green) wants us to be able to meet again with eight people in the open air. Thus writes Het Laatste Nieuws. That figure is now a maximum of four, but according to her that figure could be increased to eight.

This proposal can also count on much support within the government. This easing will therefore likely be on the table at Friday’s Consultation Committee, but it is uncertain whether it will be implemented.

April 1 or May 1

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has already announced that major easing can only be expected from April 1 or May 1. The exact date depends on the evolution of the corona figures in our country.

In addition, it is mainly looking forward to what will happen with the British variant of the corona virus. It is expected to emerge especially in March. As a result, the situation in the coming weeks is difficult to estimate at the moment and major easing from 1 March is therefore unlikely.


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