Canceling Amazon Prime is much easier – just 2 clicks

Just two more clicks: Amazon simplifies the cancellation of Prime. But only under pressure from the EU Commission.

The European Commission has announced that Amazon intends to bring its much-criticised Amazon Prime termination procedure “in line with EU consumer protection rules”. In other words, it should be much easier for Prime customers to cancel their Prime subscription. This was announced by the EU Commission.

Cancel Amazon Prime with just 2 clicks

Specifically, according to the EU Commission, this should mean: “Consumers from the EU and the EEA will be able to log out of Amazon Prime on the platform with just two clicks using a distinctive and clear ‘Cancel’ button.”

Amazon has long been criticized for its complicated Prime cancellation process: Prime – Amazon should deliberately make cancellations more difficult. The EU Commission writes: “Following a complaint from the European Consumers’ Union (BEUC), the Norwegian Consumer Council and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue, the Commission took action in April 2021 in cooperation with national consumer protection authorities. The reported procedure was designed in such a way that numerous Having overcome obstacles including complicated navigation menus, unclear wording, confusing choices and repeated ‘nudging’ techniques, Amazon is now committed to improving its opt-out process and will continue to do so

Implement changes starting today


EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders put it in a nutshell: “Online subscriptions can be a practical thing, registering is usually uncomplicated. But unsubscribing should be just as easy. Consumers must not be pressured by the platforms to exercise their rights However, one thing is clear: manipulative design and ‘dark patterns’ should be banned. I applaud Amazon’s commitment to simplifying its processes so that consumers have freedom of choice and an easy way to unsubscribe.”

According to the EU Commission, Amazon has already made changes to its Prime website in recent months, making the unsubscribe button clearer and shortening the explanatory text. Now this text is to be reduced even further so that users are not distracted by warnings and prevented from logging out. Finally, Amazon aims to offer the ability to unsubscribe in two simple steps via a simple, highly visible button. Amazon has committed to implementing these changes across all of its EU websites and devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).

The Commission and national authorities want to closely monitor whether Amazon is fulfilling its commitments to align with EU consumer law.

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