Cancellation button: From 1.7. you can easily cancel with a mouse click – this is how it works

From 1.7. you can conveniently cancel contracts concluded online using the cancellation button. This also applies to contracts that have already been concluded. All information about the new cancellation button.

From July 1, 2022, companies that offer the possibility of concluding a contract with a term via their website must also offer a button for terminating the contract on their website. The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations points out this important innovation. This eliminates the often tedious detour via other communication channels such as letters, faxes or e-mails.

The cancellation button applies to these contracts

From July 1st, 2022, customers can easily terminate all contracts on the website by clicking on the cancellation button on the website. This applies, for example, to magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, but also to internet and mobile phone contracts.

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However, the obligation to provide the cancellation button only applies to so-called fixed-term contracts or “continuing obligations against payment”. So for contracts that run for a certain period of time.

The decisive factor here is that the companies offer these contracts for conclusion via their website. Whether the customer actually concludes his contract via the website is not relevant. You can also conclude a contract in a different way – such as in writing or in a shop – and still cancel it later online via the cancellation button – provided that the company also offers exactly this contract for conclusion on its website.

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Very important: The right to the cancellation button also applies to contracts that were concluded before July 1, 2022. Excluded are contracts “which must be terminated in writing according to legal requirements, such as rental or employment contracts. Websites that relate to contracts for financial services are also exempt from the obligation,” as the consumer advocates explain.

This is what the cancellation button looks like

There are legal requirements for the appearance of the cancellation button. The button must be worded like “Cancel Contracts Here” or something similar. It “must lead to a confirmation page where you can provide specific information about the contract you want to cancel. A confirmation button with the note ‘cancel now’ or an equally clear wording must then be installed here in order to finally confirm the cancellation. Both the cancel button and the cancel confirmation button must be available at all times and easily accessible. For example, it should not be necessary to register on the website,” as the consumer advocates explain.

Of course, the usual notice periods also apply with the cancellation button. If “no time of termination is specified, the termination always applies at the earliest possible date in case of doubt,” according to the consumer advice center.

Confirmation of termination must come immediately


The company must immediately confirm receipt of the termination electronically in text form. According to the consumer advocates, this is usually done via an automatic confirmation of receipt.

Of course, you can still give notice of termination in another way, for example by letter or e-mail.

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