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Cannes Film Festival cannot be virtual Entertainment

Festival director Thierry Fremaux is pessimistic about this Variety. “If our festival cannot be held physically, it will be canceled. Virtual is not an option. For Cannes, its soul, its history, its efficiency, it is a model that would not work. What is a digital festival? A digital competition? ” Fremaux wonders.

“Movies from Wes Anderson or Paul Verhoeven on a computer? Discovering Top Gun 2 or Soul anywhere other than in a movie theater? The release of these films has been postponed to be shown on a big screen. Why would we want to see them earlier, on a digital device? ”Says Fremaux.

The festival was originally scheduled for May but was delayed March 19 to summer. It was thought at the end of June, beginning of July. Fremaux wants to do everything possible to keep the festival going if it is justified. “If necessary in the autumn,” as far as he is concerned.

France is one of the hardest hit countries. Public life in the country has been flat for weeks. More than 10,000 people have died to date, and more than 109,000 French people have been infected with the coronavirus to date.


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