Canoo unveils futuristic electric pickup

The Canoo Truck electric pickup for 2023

The Canoo electric pickup arrives in 2023, but is more on the practical side than the performance of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Simple start-up with the curious electric shuttle, Canoo multiplies its variants. Shortly after presenting the MDVP van, the Californian firm unveils an electric pickup.

It is thus interesting to see the different orientations. Where the classic Ford, Chevrolet or RAM have similar silhouettes, the electrics are a game-changer. Facing the modern Rivian R1T, the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck and the rustic Bollinger B1, the Canoo relies on a curvaceous design.

An ultra-modular pickup

Taking 30% of parts from the minivan presented in 2019, Canoo’s electric pickup is distinguished by its cabin and the absence of a hood. The aim of the brand is clearly to offer a record number of storage spaces inside, and especially outside.

Examples: the extendable bucket (5.4 vs 4.76 m) can be opened on the sides while a toolbox at the bottom of the body serves as a step. A small chest with shelf even fits between the headlights!

The roof can also accommodate many objects via a platform, a camping configuration is also on the program.

Regarding the range, Canoo announces “Rear or double engine versions”. The most powerful version will have 600 horsepower, for 746 Nm of torque. The problem is the autonomy limited to only 320 km! We are far from the R1T at 644 km or the three-engine Cybertruck promising 805 km. Another disappointment, the payload is not very high at 816 kg, or half of the Tesla.

On American roads in 2023

The Canoo electric pickup will be available for pre-order this spring. A particularly anticipated operation since deliveries will not begin until 2023. Typically designed for the North American market, Canoo’s electric pick-up should not cross the Atlantic, unlike the MDVP utility whose launch of the first series is expected for 2022.


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