Captain Van Polen is entering the fourteenth season at PEC Zwolle

“Right now it is very important for me to sign up,” says Van Polen on his club’s website. “First of all, I don’t want to end my career this way. At the beginning of last season I was recovering from a shoulder injury, then I got injured again. In the end I was well and fit and the competition was abruptly stopped and later stopped. But that is not the main reason. I still have the will to continue to play football with PEC Zwolle in the premier league. And especially in these uncertain times, I hope, just like hopefully, many supporters behind my club. “

“A club should be economical on players like Bram,” explains technical manager Mike Willems. “He is a figurehead and signboard of PEC Zwolle. In all these years he has shown his added value inside and outside the lines of the field. It is not without reason that he, during his injury, last season around games in the dressing room was present. He is in top condition and just still a very reliable defender in the premier league. “


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