Car companies in a job comparison: Most of the vacancies here

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Even during the corona pandemic, car companies are looking for skilled workers. Employees are currently being sought in research and development as well as in production. This is the result of an analysis by Charly Media, a digital learning and marketing platform for students and companies.

Every fifth job in research and development

According to the analysis by Charly Media, BMW is currently looking for the most new employees with around 1,000 advertised positions. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are looking for around 500 and 300 new employees, respectively. 32 percent of the advertised positions at Audi and Mercedes-Benz are in research and development. At Volkswagen it is almost a quarter of the jobs. The analysis by Charly Media shows that, at 21 percent, Volkswagen is primarily looking for IT professionals. Almost 17 percent of the advertised positions are in production, every tenth position is in the logistics area.

In digitization and electromobility, on the other hand, the overall demand for employees is rather low. Around three percent of all job offers relate to specialists for these two company areas. Charly Media’s analysis reveals major differences in the need for skilled workers, particularly when it comes to job offers in e-mobility. While at least four percent of job vacancies at BMW relate to the e-industry, at VW it is only just under 0.4 percent.

Over half of all vacancies relate to internships

Particularly surprising: The analysis by Charly Media shows that interns are particularly in demand in the automotive industry. Almost 60 percent of job advertisements relate to internships. 15 percent of the advertisements relate to permanent employees and twelve percent to apprenticeships.

Students might also find their dream job at the automotive companies. Four percent of job advertisements relate to theses during the bachelor’s or master’s degree. A place for a dual course of study or for a doctorate is advertised in a good three percent of the positions of all car manufacturers.

Cecil von Croy, co-founder of Charly Media, justifies the fact that there is a great need for people who are at the beginning of their careers: “The battle for the best talent has always been going on among car manufacturers. Competitive advantages are secured by those who create positive contact points with young talents in their studies at an early stage. Anyone who already targets students at the beginning of their studies and the graduates of tomorrow has the better cards for later recruiting. “



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