Car manufacturer Tesla just misses Elon Musk sales target | Financial

Nevertheless, Tesla seems to have performed a lot better in the last months of 2020 than analysts generally thought possible. In the fourth quarter, deliveries amounted to more than 180,000 units. That equates to a growth of more than 40,000 cars compared to the previous quarterly record that was set in the summer months. Compared to 2019, Tesla increased its sales by 36 percent last year.

Earlier, Musk had already indicated that achieving the goal had become a bit more difficult because of the corona pandemic. Even so, the company kept its ambition alive. Musk, who is one of the richest people in the world today, even urged his employees to work as hard as possible to produce as many Teslas as possible.

The American company did not release any profit figures on Saturday. The financial performance for 2020 will probably not be presented until early next month. In the third quarter of last year, Tesla closed a quarter with a profit for the fifth time in a row. Tesla makes its money mainly by selling emission rights to peers who do not yet meet emissions standards in regions such as Europe and California. Investors and analysts have been eager to find out for a while whether the company can also be profitable by making and selling its cars.


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