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Tesla is reinventing mobility

If you are not just looking for an electric car, but would like to own a completely new concept of mobility, you should not miss the Tesla Model X. The design alone stands out completely from the competition, which could irritate drivers of classic combustion engines. Right from the start you have the feeling of sitting in a car of the future.

The huge navigation system in the center console is the control center of Tesla’s fully thought-out electric car. Thanks to E-SIM, navigation works very precisely and Tesla is also clearly ahead in another area: the autopilot is still unparalleled.

The autopilot is still in the test phase, but the function can already convince. Where Hyundai, Volkswagen, BMW and Renault provide assistance systems such as a lane keeping function, a distance meter and other nice features via camera and sensors, Tesla has a high-tech car with sensors all around, which for the first time is called “autonomous driving” can claim for themselves.

Tesla insists that the hands have to stay on the steering wheel to function, which makes sense, but no other commercial vehicle can match the progress of Tesla’s autopilot. In our test, there was a dangerous situation, but this was due to an unexpected road layout. You cannot rely completely on the autopilot, but overtaking maneuvers, which are carried out independently, and automatic braking procedures that save you from an accident really impressed us.

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