Car subscription: Jaguar Land Rover launches its own offer

This has been around for a long time at Volvo. Mercedes has one too. And Porsche. We are talking about the car subscription. As the fourth manufacturer in the premium segment The British premium brand is now starting under the name Jaguar & Land Rover Subscribe an own Subscription offer. Instead of buying or leasing the car, they will Sports car, SUVs and Off-roader offered for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Expensive invoice items such as insurance, taxes, maintenance and tires are no longer necessary.

Car subscription


ID.3, Golf, Multivan, Ateca and other models from VW, Seat and Skoda as a car subscription

Flat rate, short minimum terms and monthly cancellations: ID.3 from 499 euros / month, Seat Ateca from 499 euros / month. Compare prices now!

In co-operation with


Above all, the lack of residual value risk that Luxury cars Experience has shown that it is particularly high, which makes the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) subscription attractive. Because after the agreed subscription period, the car is simply returned. Until fuel or electricity, all costs are included in the subscription. The prices start at 899 euros per month for the Land Rover Discovery Sport with a 163 hp diesel engine and a two-year term. If the subscription period is shortened to half a year, the monthly rate increases to 1099 euros. The notice period is three months in each case. If you want to drive a Jaguar, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The prices for an F-Pace (450 PS) start at 1399 euros. The standard packages for Land Rover and Jaguar models usually cover 1,250 kilometers per month.

Booking and payment as a fully digital process

The partner of the new subscription offer is the Fleetpool Group from Cologne, which already maintains websites for Seat (Conquar), Toyota (Kintoflex) and Shell (Recharge Auto-Abo) and operates its own brand online with Like2Drive. Just like here, booking and payment are made as a fully digital process with the JLR subscription. Orders can be placed comfortably from the living room couch or from the desk, there is no annoying paperwork in the car dealership or correspondence with the insurance company. The car is then delivered straight to your home or workplace. Alternatively, the subscriber can pick it up himself at a logistics center. “With this subscription, we are now also entering the premium car subscription segment and see ourselves as a partner who can offer its customers strong advisory services and offers,” says Gert Schaub, head of the Fleetpool Group.

Jaguar-Land Rover offers a complete range

At the same time as the subscription, JLR starts a new rental car offensive, in which almost all German JLR dealers participate. JLR-Rent is aimed at customers who have a Jaguar or Land Rover for shorter periods of time between one day and six months Want to drive. The premium brand now offers a complete range of Rental car from subscription cars to long-term leasing contracts on. “This gives new and existing customers the greatest possible freedom in using their dream car,” says Jan-Kas van der Stelt, JLR’s managing director in Germany.

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