Car subscription: Porsche, BMW M, Jaguar F-Type and other athletes

Drive a Porsche once in your life! Or jaguars! Or an M-BMW! Or an Alpine? Unfortunately, dream cars usually remain dreams. They only come true with luck, for example with a rental car company like Sixt, which offers a special. Or an event organizer like Jochen Schweitzer. But these offers are usually very limited and quickly sold out and of course expensive. If you don’t just want to drive a high-horsepower car for a day or over the weekend, you have to buy or lease it for a lot more money.

Auto subscription


Now the ID.3 and other models from €499 a month

Benefit from short delivery times, a low minimum contract period and numerous models in the VW FS car subscription.

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Or he takes out a car subscription. The still young form of car ownership is primarily aimed at the mass market and the majority of volume models on offer are from the small car and compact class. But not only. Subscription providers apparently also see potential in the fascination segment and offer coupés and sports cars beyond the 200 hp limit at flat rates. This has the decisive advantage for the subscriber that he does not have to worry about taxes or insurance – and these are often very, very high for high-horsepower models.

AUTO BILD has viewed the current sports car offers from all relevant subscription providers and compiled them into an overview. In order to be able to compare cars and prices well, the subscription period was set at six months to one year with at least 1000 free kilometers per month. These are values ​​that entitle the subscriber to say: “I’m a real sports car driver.” Whether Porsche, Jaguar or M-BMW.

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This athlete is available on subscription!

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