Car subscription: Tesla on offer at Shell Recharge

Ironically, the mineral oil multinational Shell relies on electromobility. That’s why Germany’s second-largest gas station operator (nearly 2,000 stations nationwide) has set up its own sales channel for cars. With “Shell Recharge”, however, the electric cars cannot be bought or leased – they are available on a subscription basis. At the moment, 14 models with purely electric drive are offered in the car subscription!

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Get to know the e-car: VW ID.3 and ID.4 in a flexible subscription!

The subscription offer from VW Financial Services: ID.3 and ID.4 from 539 euros/month – with a flat rate, short minimum terms and monthly cancellation.

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Including various Tesla types. And these are available from today (July 1, 2022) at particularly favorable conditions. The popular Tesla Model 3 with the standard range (50 kWh battery, 491 kilometers according to the factory) costs only 649 instead of the regular 809 euros per month. The term is half a year. 10,000 kilometers are free. With the long-range battery (82 kWh battery, 602 km range), the Model 3 costs only 729 instead of 909 euros. Power – calculated over the six-month term – so a price advantage of 1080 euros.

The offer is ideal for drivers who are not sure whether an e-car suits their driving profile. Your subscription will expire automatically after six months. There is no residual value risk and additional costs such as registration, insurance, tire changes and repairs with a car subscription. All costs are included in the monthly flat rate.

The still young form of car ownership is well received: supply and demand for car subscriptions have increased significantly in recent years on the German market.

The special offer is valid until September 30th

Anyone who wants to book a Tesla as part of the special offer from Shell selects the car on the Shell Recharge page, enters all relevant data such as name, payment methods and the freely available voucher code there and uploads a driver’s license scan. Finished! The car is picked up 16 to 24 weeks later at one of seven logistics locations nationwide. Alternatively, door-to-door delivery can be booked for EUR 249. The Tesla offer is valid while stocks last, but ends no later than September 30th.

For the “Standard Range” variant of the Model 3, Shell also offers the charging card as an additional service. It costs 170 euros for a six-month subscription and can be used at 275,000 charging points throughout Europe.

Tesla Model 3 is currently more expensive among the competition

A look at the prices of the competition shows how lucrative the Shell Recharge Tesla is. With the car subscription provider Finn, for example, a Tesla Model 3 costs 948 euros per month for six months. Make a whopping price advantage of 1794 euros with the Shell subscription. And the permitted mileage at Finn is also 1000 free kilometers lower. But the Finn-Tesla can be delivered in three weeks.

Despite the discount, the Tesla is of course in the higher price league of car subscriptions. But Shell also offers entry-level electric models. A Fiat 500-e or Nissan Leaf is available from as little as 329 euros per month. The term here is one year at 10,000 free kilometers.

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