Car theft: These are the most stolen young and old timers



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But what should be done in the event of one theft? “Immediately advertisement at the police station reimburse and the Inform insurance“advises Dorian Rätzke from the classic car insurer OCC. The policyholder can get his money after a month at the earliest if the classic car is missing. Rätzke:” What is new at OCC is that the customer can extend the waiting period to up to nine months. That is, be Entitlement to payment of the compensation is deferred for the period requested by him, and he only receives payment after his requested deadline has expired. So he remains the owner of the classic car for longer and can keep it if it is found again within the period. “

The waiting period until compensation can be extended

If the customer wants a immediate compensation, the insurer is the new owner of the classic car after receipt of payment. “If you want to make sure that you can keep the vehicle when it comes up later, you should therefore use the Extend the waiting period. An appraiser always checks the value on the day of the theft. If he detects an increase in value, the free provision regulation comes into force, which takes into account an increase in value of up to 30 percent in comprehensive insurance and even up to 50 percent in ‘fully comprehensive PLUS’, “explains insurance expert Rätzke. AUTO BILD shows the top 15 most stolen classics in the gallery:

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The most stolen classics of 2020

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