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Caravan manufacturer builds a tiny house in a Mercedes Sprinter

The prototype of the Advanced RV B Box.

Advanced RV

Advanced RV has presented a prototype of its “B Box” motorhome, which is based on a Sprinter chassis from Mercedes-Benz.

Unlike most RVs – including those Advanced RV has built in the past – the B-Box doesn’t look like a tiny house on wheels. Instead, the motorhome cabin is in an insulated fiberglass composite and foam box that is suitable for all seasons.

The timing of the unveiling is by no means coincidental; RV sales are currently skyrocketing. In September 2020, for example, 41,509 vehicles were delivered in the USA. In the same period of the previous year it was only 31,639 – an increase of 31.2 percent.

In the following you can get an overview of the B Box from Advanced RV:

The motorhome B Box from Advanced RV at a glance

This article initially appeared in English and has been translated. Here you read the original.


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