Caretaker cabinet allocates 45 million euros for corona pass check

The money will be distributed to municipalities via the 25 security regions in our country, the outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) wrote to parliament earlier today. The amount was not yet stated in that letter.

Control of control

Rutte already announced on Tuesday during the corona press conference that extra money would be made to compensate municipalities for the extra task. From September 25, anyone aged 13 or older who wants to eat outside, have a drink or go to the cinema must show via the CoronaCheck app that he or she has been vaccinated or tested negative.

The check, which also requires identification, must be done by the entrepreneur. Extraordinary investigating officers (boas) of the municipalities or police officers will again check whether catering bosses and owners of cultural institutions are doing this.

Incidentally, the checks will not be too strict, Grapperhaus already hinted in his letter. “It is evident that enforcement cannot be 100 percent covering,” said the minister.

Selective control

Municipalities can decide for themselves what they consider to be the most important to check. In doing so, they must pay attention to where the risks of spreading are greatest, Grapperhaus has agreed with the security regions.

Another consideration could be to check especially in places where it is expected that people will not check for the corona pass, as it has come to be known in the popular language. That can be in places where it is busy anyway or where it is already known in advance that there are many people who flout the rules.

It is unclear whether the amount is sufficient for additional supervision. A spokesperson for the Security Council, in which all 25 security regions are represented, does not want to say anything about it to RTL Z, except that it was a ‘very constructive conversation’ with Grapperhaus yesterday.

Capacity is the problem

Money is not the biggest problem at the moment, but capacity, says a spokesperson for the Association of Dutch Municipalities. “We are very happy with it, but that does not mean we have the capacity in order and that’s what it’s about now.”

“You can’t just open a can of boas,” he says. Training capacity is needed and then boas who ‘can give shape to this’. “And they won’t be there in a few days.”

‘Gift for companies’

SP MP Maarten Hijink mentions amount on Twitter a great gift for the private security industry.

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