Carl Pei (ex-OnePlus) introduces new company next week

Carl Pei, who founded the smartphone brand OnePlus together with Pete Lau in 2013, will launch his new company next Wednesday, January 27. He will therefore focus on headphones and other audio hardware.

In the news: OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has just announced that he will reveal more details about his new project on January 27. He does this with a giveaway on Twitter where you can win an M1 MacBook Air.

What preceded it?

  • China-born Swede Carl Pei (31) founded the smartphone company OnePlus in 2013 together with Pete Lau.
  • Although Lau was and still is CEO, Pei was the face of the company to many. He is responsible for the successful marketing strategies that helped OnePlus grow from a small start-up in record time to one of the most highly regarded smartphone brands in the world.
  • Carl Pei has always remained true to the philosophy of making a smartphone with a good balance between high-end quality and a lower price. Last summer, he was the driving force behind the OnePlus Nord, a series of cheaper smartphones with which the company returns to its roots.
  • In October 2020, it surprisingly became known that Carl Pei had left OnePlus. Even then there were rumors that he had plans to start his own company. In his own words, his plan was to take a six-month vacation and travel, but he only lasted ten days.

What can we expect from Carl Pei’s new company?

  • In December, Carl Pei announced through Wired that his new project had raised $ 7 million ($ 5.8 million) through an investment round. Investors include some big names:
    • Tony Fadell, former Apple vice president often referred to as the “father of the iPod”.
    • Kevin Lin, Twitch Co-Founder.
    • Josh Buckley, CEO of Product Hunt.
    • Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit.
    • Casey Neistat, vlogger and co-founder of multimedia company Beme.
  • The new company’s headquarters are located in London. At the moment there are less than ten people employed, but there is plenty of recruitment.
  • Carl Pei informed Wired that his new project will be audio focused. What exactly is meant by that, he leaves aside for the time being.
    • Pei does confirm that his company will bring multiple types of hardware to the market in 2021.
    • In addition, the company says it is “much more than that”. It is not clear what exactly is meant by this. The fact that Pei grew up in Sweden and developed the idea for his new project in that country, makes many people connect with music streaming service Spotify. With product manager Szymon Kopeć, a former OnePlus employee also works at Spotify.
  • Whether Carl Pei’s new project will be a success will have to be seen later. It is already clear that he intends to integrate OnePlus’s successful marketing strategies here too: creating tension, curiosity and excitement around the brand. The giveaway at the launch is an example of this.


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