Case burglary Connie Witteman postponed

Actually, the appeal case was to be dealt with on Tuesday, but at the start of the hearing, the main suspect Illias L. and his lawyer were not present. Therefore, the case was postponed until further notice.

The three suspects were convicted of the jewelry heist in February 2019. Illias L. was sentenced to 24 months in prison, Tarik A. 12 months and Yassin A. 6 months. The suspects appealed because they disagreed with their sentence. Connie herself was not present at the case on Tuesday, but her lawyer was.

Jewelry, watches, cash and other items were taken in the burglary in Connie’s apartment. The total value of this was about 2.8 million euros. Some of those items belonged to her late ex-husband Hans Breukhoven. Some of the items were recovered last year.

In the meantime she is also in conflict with her ex-sweetheart Eugène:


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