Castle Kong is a unique tribute to Donkey Kong

If you grew up with Donkey Kong, then you’re not just older than me. Then you also experienced the beginnings of the Nintendo as we know it today. And we’re not talking about Donkey Kong Country, of course. Or from Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. But from Donkey Kong from 1981.

The game that the young Shigeru Miyamoto once invented to save the decaying radar scope machines in America and ultimately also Nintendo of America. An interesting story by the way, but not the subject of this post.

There are people who love Donkey Kong. These include the folks at Drowning Monkeys who developed Castle Kong. Castle Kong not only reminds of Donkey Kong with its title.

It’s practically Donkey Kong, just a little more colorful and with more opponents. And of course without dungarees, mustaches and rolling barrels. Otherwise Castle Kong would hardly have been released for Nintendo Switch.

The creators refer to Castle Kong as a tribute to the “good old days,” but in reality it’s one big tribute to Donkey Kong. The game has been available on Steam since 2020, and this week it made the jump to Nintendo Switch. You can buy it there for 6.99 euros.

Speaking of Donkey Kong

We haven’t seen the (meanwhile) likeable monkey since his very successful appearance in Tropical Freeze. First on Wii U, later on Nintendo Switch. It would be about time again, right? Maybe that’s how Nintendo thinks too, and the recent releases of the SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online are a kind of preparation …

The trailer for Castle Kong

Images: Castle Kong, Drowning Monkeys


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